Harrison Furlow

I first became involved with the fair through 4-H in 2011. Originally a city kid, moving out to Loudoun was a welcome change of pace. When I visited the fair after moving, I knew instantly that I wanted to raise animals of my own. So at the next year's fair, I asked 4-H'ers in the goat club questions about what it took to raise their animals, the different breeds, and costs involved. From there I presented a plan to my parents on how I would care for a pair of goats, and the very next year I was showing in the fair with my very own dairy goats. I was hooked from then on, and I am currently raising beef cattle, hogs, goats, and chickens.    4-H has been hugely influential on who I am as a person. The opportunities I was granted through holding various officer positions in the club taught me how to be an effective, fun leader; experiences which I have enjoyed thoroughly. These experiences definitely aided me in the contest, because they refined my public speaking skills, and made me more comfortable interacting with adults. Also my leadership experiences provided a chance for me to learn to be quick on my feet in reaction to challenges, something which came in handy in the first section of the competition.

After I graduate from high school, I would love to attend a large four-year university, where I would like to graduate with a major in Animal Science, Zoology, Agribusiness, or Political Science. 

When I was announced as the winner, I was very surprised and grateful, considering the caliber of presentations that I had seen from fellow competitors. I am blessed and honored to have received this scholarship, as any funds that can aid me in receiving a quality education are deeply appreciated. I am most grateful though, for everything my fair has offered to me through learning a great deal in responsibility, leadership, and the value to be found in hard work and dedication. I owe a great debt to my county fair, which I hope to repay towards working to ensure it's success in the future. 

Thank you so much,

Harrison Furlow

The full list of the 2016 scholarship awards was as follows:

1st Harrison Furlow Loudoun County Fair  $2,500
2nd Libby Arnold Prince William County Fair $1,000
3rd  Catie Hope Clarke County Fair  $1,000
4th Tiffany Heishman Shenandoah County Fair  $1,000
5th  Cassie Long Five County Fair $500
6th Cayla Stephens Fluvanna County Fair $500



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