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Pageant Letter
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As Virginia takes small steps to reopen our Commonwealth, I am filled with excitement, hope, and happiness! Some of our early fairs and festivals have been forced to make the very sad decision of cancelling or postponing their events while others are moving forward later in the summer and fall.

I am bringing you some exciting news about our 2020-2021 pageant season! The VAF wants to present as many options as possible for our local pageants leading up to our state competition. Therefore, we ask that fairs and festivals please consider the: following scenarios:

1. If both your fair and pageant are held, your new queen is invited to compete at Miss VAF in January 2021.

2. If your fair is not held, you may hold a pageant (see item B below) and your new queen is invited to compete at Miss VAF.

3. If your fair is held but your pageant is not, you may invite your 2019-2020 titleholder to represent your fair again at Miss VAF.

4. If neither a fair or pageant is held, you may invite your 2019-2020 titleholder to represent your fair again at Miss VAF.

5. If neither a fair or pageant is held and your 2019-2020 is ineligible or unable to compete, you may appoint a representative to compete at Miss VAF.

A few things to consider:

A. If your 2019-2020 titleholder won a title in another system after our state pageant and she is eligible to compete in a state pageant that has been rescheduled AFTER Miss VAF 2021, she will not be eligible to compete at Miss VAF 2021 as a courtesy to her newer title.

B. The areas of competition at your pageant do not have to mirror our state pageant. While many pageants choose to have the same areas of competition, others choose a different format with fewer or different areas of competition.

C. All other guidelines outlined in the Contestant Application Package will apply. The 2021 package will be available in August.

D. Fairs and festivals must be in good standing as dues paying members in order for their titleholder to compete in Miss VAF.

The Virginia Association of Fairs is so proud of all of the young ladies who represent our state, not only at Miss VAF, but throughout the year. We want to give as many as possible the opportunity to serve their communities, promote their fairs and festivals, and gain skills and scholarship dollars that will help them throughout their lives. We hope to see you and your representative in January. As we all hope and anticipate a continued return to life as we have become accustomed, we anticipate these scenarios for participation will be in place for 2020-2021 only.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Wendi Gruninger
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